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Image by Willie Shaw

The Membership

Image by Jordan Faux
  1. Loc Extension Special if I create the loc's ( 3 inches ) 50 loc's and under will go half off

  2. Late Night Special Ask personally for further details anything after 8 pm is an upcharge 

  1. Returning clients after 5 visits next style free

  2. Wash Special Loyal clients will be accommodated

  3. My starter loc's  1st style free after 1 year loc'd

  1. Refer 5 %50 off Retwist or Cut reset after every 5 people

  2. Follow 3 pages  Twitter Instagram Facebook or leave a review $5 off service

  1. Hair length past elbow = Cut or Shape up %50 off

  2. Rope Twist Special after 3rd rope service client receive free Stimulation treatment next service

  1. Hair Cut + Style hair past shoulder $20 off service 

Full head and partial

  1. Loc Trim on the house if you get a style shape up or stimulation treatment

  2. Loyal Clients after 7  consistent visits Retwist will be $20 off 



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